Case Study: Ashley Tan

$64,000 in 6 Months At The Age Of 23

Company: Prudential

Industry Experience (First joined) : 1.5 years 


Ashley is a young lady who is passionate about financial planning and joined the industry, hoping to help more people. However, after 6 months in, she feels dejected, lost and has low confidence because of the constant rejections from others.

Ashley had previously bought leads from marketing agencies to boost her production and acquire more clients. After a few months of doing it, she feels that it’s very draining, unsustainable due to the poor quality of leads and became way too expensive to the point where Ashley was losing not only money but also time.

The Process

Immediately after joining the program, Ashley put her nose into the work and implemented everything from the coaching calls and training.

This allowed her to build her own social media prospecting system, knowing exactly what and when to post that works effectively to attract the right clients, which was the exact thing that she wanted. Prior to this, she has a lot of fear, and has not been using social media for the last four years.

We also drew up a strategy roadmap for her, which gave the exact resources and direction to build her advisory business in the most efficient manner.

With our coaching calls, community of advisors and a supportive team that we have, she became a very strong and confident advisor, with no issues when approaching her friends or even cold prospects. Her prospects sensed her confidence and were comfortable with her recommendations, resulting in a higher conversion ratio.

The Results

As a result of Ashley’s consistent and diligent actions, she had more than 10 appointments & enquiries which are passive in nature - “Ready To Buy Prospects”.

What's more staggering was that she earned close to $64,000 in a total of 6 months inside our program, and a breakthrough of having two five figure months at age of 23! This was not an easy feat, given that most of her network are still university undergraduates.

She now even has a lead nurturing machine which allowed her to reach out to more people and keep top of mind in the most efficient way, to provide a source of passive enquiries to her.

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