Case Study: Benjamin Koh

Transformed 13 Years Of Active Prospecting To Attracting In Two Months

Company: Great Eastern FA, Advisors' Clique

Industry Experience (First joined) : 13 years 


Benjamin Koh is a seasoned veteran of more than 13 years in the industry from Advisor’s Clique. He is an experienced financial advisor with a tremendous amount of qualifications.

When he joined us, he already cleared MDRT and while that was all great, his business is run on largely traditional methods. This greatly reduces his reach and presence for his prospects to access him, as well as the reliance on continuous “hunting”.

The challenge? He doesn't have a clue on how to use it. He had not used Facebook for the last 4 years and beyond that, does not even have an Instagram account.

The Process

During our coaching calls, we identified his starting point on modernising his systems and helped him step by step to move his advisory business online.

We first optimised his profile, and gave him guides on exactly what type of content should be created, as well as curated a few of his content initially before posting it out there. We then deployed the strategy of using some of his digital assets as preframing and referral materials for both clients and prospects.

The Results

Immediately into the educational material, he took action and within just a couple of weeks, he had long-lost friends that reconnected with him, not just to catch up but expressed interests in his financial planning services.

As his posts do the selling for him, he literally has ready buyers prepared to meet and sign with him. Moreover, he also faces an increase in referral rates with little effort. In fact, his clients even requested for his digital asset materials to be forwarded to their friends so that it’s a lot easier to connect all parties.

His market has expanded and connected to people that he would have otherwise not been able to access previously. In Ben’s words, “The dream that I’ve had since I first joined this career, I sit behind a desk right and people come to me asking me to sign them up for insurance, it’s starting to happen already after I joined”.

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