Case Study: Esther Lee

Covid-Proof 9 Years Of Biz

Company: Prudential

Industry Experience (First joined) : 9 years


Esther Lee is an experienced financial advisor, and she came through to us via referral. As a veteran, some of her ways of prospecting and doing business aren’t working the most effectively for her in this current day and age.

While she does know that social media was a big thing to leverage, especially when her peers have started to do it, she had no idea what to post, how to post, and even utilize the platforms in the first place.

She was also feeling frustrated at being stagnant and not making progress in both her business and income, despite being in the industry for so many years.

The Process

The first thing we did was to assess and select the correct social media platform for her to leverage on first.

Subsequently, we taught her, step-by-step on how to set up her social media and post the right effective content, leaving no stones unturned. It was a huge step for Esther as she had a lot of inertia embarking on this new strategy that she hasn’t executed before.

While we were working on her business model, we realized that another area that she could amplify was asking for referrals. We doubled down on her referral process, and she started to receive a ton of referrals.

She was very surprised but at the same time, pleased and happy because this means that she didn’t have to rely on her traditional ineffective way of doing business.

The Results

As such, Esther had received multiple referrals, achieved multiple top producer awards in her company, and enjoyed the consistent flow of appointments and referrals coming into her business!

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