Case Study: Esther Oh

From Being Lost To 5-Figure Month In 6 Months

Company: Prudential

Industry Experience (First joined) : 5 years 


Esther reached out to us via email and wanted to explore her options after hearing about us from another colleague.

Prior to this, she had previously joined many other programs to bring her business forward and had gotten minimal results. She was unclear, disorganised and uncertain on how to make things work and it was getting more demoralizing as each day passes.

In addition Esther was close to burnout, constantly busy with her day, family and other commitments but yet not seeing any results. Her confidence was falling quickly.

The Process

After just one month of working with us, we helped Esther to implement her referrals into her lead generation process and received quality referrals from her prospects.

We also kickstarted her passive leads system online and she started to acquire prospects and leads from Facebook specifically, and then expanded her lead source to Instagram as well. She even attracted and reconnected with friends that were long lost and would have never had the chance to, thereby enabling her to close multiple life and wealth accumulation plans.

The Results

Just within 6 months of joining us, she hit her first five - figure month, which she had never achieved before in her last 5 years of her career. With the support of our community, she is now confident and passionate about serving others wholeheartedly, happily and with a purpose.

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