Case Study: Guo Yixin

$0 to $50,000 Premiums in 4 Months While Being Happier

Company: Prudential

Industry Experience (First joined) : 1 year 


Yixin responded to our instagram message and advertisements and she came as someone who was already producing decent results, and went on to achieve her MDRT within a couple of months with us.

While she was an amazing advisor that had her prospects and clients’ interests at heart, her consistency in generating leads was off the mark. She was able to connect and get a few appointments from her friends and existing, a little bit of here and there - but nothing that was predictable and certain.

Prior to this, Yixin had gone for other courses and workshops but it just didn’t suit her style of working and the lack of touch points as these workshops were usually only a 3 or 4 day stint.

In addition, her real problem with the advisory business is that it was unorganised and her cases seem to come in by “luck” and “random”, due to low productivity and feeling demoralised easily.

The Process

We organised and tidied up her sales process, giving her structure and thereby more predictability in her closing conversions, rather than a “See how the conversation goes” method.

With her action taking mindset, we helped her achieve more referrals. We intentionally installed a referral process into her sales process, and got at least 2 referrals from each appointment without the prospect buying anything.

On the coaching call, we kept her accountable and she also received harsh but factual truths on her efforts in carrying out the prospecting activities that were taught to her. She learned from it, picked it up and the rest was history.

By shifting her mindset from “closing” someone to “qualifying and serving”, she’s enjoying her appointments, getting tremendous fulfillment and being happy.

The Results

Yixin to date have closed more than $50,000 premiums within four months of joining our program while being happier and purposeful in her appointments.

Yixin feels more certain of the goals that she set for herself because she knows exactly what needs to be done to get there.

Her social media on instagram specifically have also been giving her appointments, both casual and insurance related which adds as a booster to her current method of prospecting.

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