Case Study: Jasper Lee

$25,000 To $55,000 Commissions In 6 Months 

Company: Great Eastern

Industry Experience (First joined) : 4 years 


When we first met Jasper, he didn’t know how to brand himself and differentiate himself so that he could stand out from other advisors. One of his biggest challenge was that he wasn’t able to attract the right kind of prospects that he could actually close (in fact some of those prospects that were coming to him were skeptical about financial planning and weren’t interested to buy in the first place).

He also felt that even though what his agency was sharing with him was good, it wasn’t the most applicable for him and the stage of advisory business he was in.

The Process

When Jasper joined us, we immediately taught him how to exactly brand himself such that he would be able to attract people that are a right fit to work with him. On top of that, we also helped him break down what made him different from other advisors and how he could leverage that to stand apart from the sea of advisors out there in the market.

In addition, we guided Jasper to establish a business structure which enabled him to pinpoint exactly which are the areas he has to tweak and improve on.

The Results

With a business structure and his new-found ability to differentiate and brand himself, Jasper started attracting more people that were a right fit for him and increased his closing ratio significantly.

As a result, he more than doubled his commissions from $25,000 to $55,000!

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