Case Study: Javen Wong

4x Her Production From $20,000 to $75,000 In 10 Months

Company: Prudential

Industry Experience (First joined) : 3 years


Before we met Javen, she was largely focusing on cold calling, running her own Facebook Ads, engaging lead companies and sending cold messages, however, her prospecting methods were not working out the best and she was not getting any leads.

She was feeling very lost and confused as to how she should progress in the financial advisory industry.

The Process

When we began working with Javen, we found out that one of her biggest challenge was that she didn’t know who her target audience was. This led her to use generic messaging that did not connect well with the people she reached out to.

We helped her to nail down her target audience and guided her to craft the right message, which opened up many more opportunities for her and having a 50% appointment rate in cold market.

On top of that, we also imparted to her the proper fundamentals to how she should go about with the flow of her appointment and how to close more effectively and efficiently. This effort increased her closing ratio to 40 to 60%!

The Results

As a result of her finding her target audience that she wants to serve and now equipped with the proper foundations for her advisory business, Javen is much more confident in herself and her skill sets which enabled her to go from struggling to hit $20,000 in production to now hitting $75,000 in production.

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