Case Study: Jett Quek Yew Kit

$100,000 FYC in 10 Months

Company: Great Eastern FA, Advisors' Clique

Industry Experience (First joined) : 1 year


Yew kit reached out to us for help in his business via Instagram after seeing we have been doing.

His first year in the business was shaky and faced a lot of rejections from prospects, and many ghosted on him after that. He felt jaded, pushed back and faced a ton of resistance even from his clients as well.

The Process

After we went on our coaching calls, we realised that the way he texted his prospects was blunt and wasn’t primed enough to frame his prospect strongly to get an appointment. We nailed down a lot on his messaging, tweaked his sales process and further transformed the way he conducted his business.

The Results

With his hard work ethic and diligence, Jett produced his entire last year’s commissions in just 6 months after joining us.

What was crazy is that Jett also cleared his MDRT in 6 months, despite the entire Covid-19 and lock down happening in Singapore, and finished strong with a strong $100k in commissions in 2020.

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