Case Study: Joel Lee

Achieved MDRT While Working Only 2 Days A Week

Company: Synergy FA

Industry Experience (First joined) : 3.5 years


Joel is a motivated advisor who constantly strives to improve himself. When he first got to know us through Facebook Ads, he was skeptical as there were many other programs out there targeting financial advisors. However, what gave him the conviction was the fact that Authentic Advisory Systems (previously known as 2xYC) did not have a conflict of interest, where the founder, Benjamin Ong, used to be a financial advisor himself.

Prior to joining AAS, Joel feels like he is someone who is not good enough and had a lot of self-doubts in terms of his prospecting methods and pitching style.

The Process

We discovered that Joel's main bottleneck lies in his pitching, where he tends to be too lengthy and include too many numbers. With the help of our modules and coaching calls, Joel was able to simplify and re-angle his pitching style to make it more effective, concise and easy-to-understand. This helped him regain his confidence after every appointment.

On top of that, we also gave Joel a clear structure on how to convert a prospect from having a casual conversation, to going for a 1st/2nd appointment, to closing the deal and subsequently getting referrals. We even helped to tweaked the messaging style and tonality that he uses to text his clients or prospects, which increased his appointment rates and conversions significantly.

The Results

With a clear business structure and refined pitching style, Joel managed to clear his MDRT even with just working two days a week! The referral system has given Joel 2-3 ready-to-buy, passive referrals every month that he has never dreamed of or expected.

Joel has become much more organized and confident as an advisor and is now able to get things done more efficiently.

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