Case Study: Levinson Tan

From $5,000 to Two MDRTs in 1 Year

Company: Manulife FA

Industry Experience (First joined) : 6 months


When Levinson met us through an Instagram outreach message by us, he had difficulties prospecting, and had to rely on cold calling. He had a few warm prospects here and there but was clueless about how to reach out to more in an effective manner. The key problem here is that not many know that he is working in the industry, and nor do they know that he is good at what he does.

After 6 months in the industry, he struggled to earn $5000 in commissions, and less than 20 clients. He had bills to pay and he was even considering going back to Foodpanda to supplement his income as he was fearful of not being able to earn more money.

He was considering it hard before joining us because he was worried about his future cash flow but he took a leap of faith and the rest was history.

The Process

The first thing we did was to get him to optimise his social media profile so that he can leverage both Instagram and Facebook to market himself out there and attract the right people. Within a few days, he got a few interests and closed two appointments from instagram. What was surprising about this was that he only had 223 followers back then!

His online presence reinforced his offline, where his friends raise up the topic of financial planning even during casual meetups, enabling him to open up cases from there.

On our coaching calls, he learned the fundamentals of positioning himself as an advisor on social media and more importantly, during the appointment itself. This thereby enabled him to carry out his appointment just like a doctor, with high closing conversion and minimal objections.

The Results

His business shifted from one that was hunting to one that was consistently receiving passive leads and referrals from his clients, as well as from his social media.

He also achieved his MDRT in just 5 months after joining us, going from $5000 FYC to almost $80,000 FYC. Because of his diligence, hard work and drive, he also went on to clear ANOTHER MDRT in the first quarter of 2021.

His wife was happy and mentioned that he made the right decision to invest and work with us one year ago.

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