Case Study: Padrick Toh

$30,000 to $200,000 FYC in 12 months

Company: AIA

Industry Experience (First joined) : 6 months


Padrick was a young advisor who was barely 6 months in the industry when he first joined us. Back then, he was averaging $4000 in commissions every single month, and set his eyes on achieving MDRT by the end of the year. The “magic” equation he had in mind was: More Leads = More Appointments = More Sales, and thought that all he needed was to get more leads.

However, when the Covid situation in Singapore didn't seem to be improving, his leads started to slow down and he was starting to get worried. 

The Process

When Padrick began working with us, we discovered that what he actually needed was not more leads, but a structured sales process to increase his closing ratio.

We provided him with a sales framework and refined his presentation skills, one that focuses more on educating the prospect, making the prospect want the product, rather than pushing the product down the their throats.
This enabled Padrick to go from opening to closing predictably and consistently, rather than one that went by feeling as he did in the past.

The Results

With the structured sales process, Padrick increased his closing ratio by 20-30%. He even went on to achieve over $200k FYC in less than 12 months!

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