Case Study: Shavon Chew

4x Her Commissions From $500/month To $3000/Month In 4 Months

Company: Manulife FA

Industry Experience (First joined) : 1 year


When we first met Shavon, one of her biggest challenges was that she didn’t have a structured way of running her advisory business. Instead, she was just trying her best to do the same things every single day, hoping that things will would eventually turn around for the better.

At that time, she was using traditional prospecting methods which was not effective. She was only closing 1 case and getting $500 commissions in good months.

The Process

When we began working with Shavon, we helped her build a system for her advisory business which detailed exactly what are the activities she needed to do every single day. This gave her a much clearer picture on the action steps she needed to take.

With the resources we provided, she digested the different types of content to post on her social media profile and began building her own social media prospecting system immediately.

The Results

The social media prospecting system that Shavon built gave her 3-4 passive enquiries a week and she was converting minimally 1 of them. More importantly, this was something she enjoyed doing! Shavon 6X her commissions from $500/month to $3000/month within 4 months!

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