Case Study: Spencer Liao

$0 to $7000 / month While Taking Care Of Two Kids

Company: Prudential

Industry Experience (First joined) : 6 months


Not only did Spencer quit his previous job of 10 years to join the industry, but he is also a dad of two amazing daughters. At that point in time, he have a family to feed, and therefore, he felt a pressing need to make it work, to earn the money, and provide a better living for his family without worrying.

Prior to joining Authentic Advisory Systems (previously known as 2xYC), he was in another program but he felt that it wasn’t relatable and there wasn’t much value to what he wanted to do.

The Process

At the beginning, Spencer only wanted to learn and use social media to grow his business. However, we recognized that while social media was a good catalyst to growing his business, it wasn’t the most important at that point in time. What mattered more was his closing ratio and presentation that was holding him back from earning his commissions. As usual, we build the structure and system with him in his business, and the rest was history.

The Results

Spencer also had more confidence in asking for referrals, approaching his warm without any form of shame or guilt, and within 6 months, he hit his company award (Prudential Starclub) and took home almost a good $7k/month in income, which was almost 2x his previous job’s income.

The best part? Spencer had the luxury of time to spend his with their daughters and wife, and being the best version of a dad, and husband that he can be.

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